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ADS Precise Consultants brings together buyers and sellers of dental practices, working toward a smooth, safe, & mutually beneficial transaction.



Sell a Dental Practice

ADS Precise Consultants can help you sell your dental practice in any location throughout the region

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Buy a Dental Practice

Get all of the necessary information and guidance when it comes to the biggest purchase of your life

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The ADS Precise Blog

Valuable information on variety of topics related to appraising and transitioning dental practices.

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About ADS Precise Consultants

ADS Precise Consultants has over 25 years of experience selling dental practices.

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Practice Sale Prep:  What Buyers Are Looking For In a Practice

In order to effectively prepare your practice for sale, it is important to know what buyers want and what they will be looking for in a practice.

As practice brokers, owners of dental practices often ask us “When should I start preparing my practice for sale?” One of the most enlightening projects for a dental practice owner is to have the value of their practice appraised.

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